[Tweeters] Try this: Removing small flying insects that have entered your car after birding-the pied lighter effect

Dan Reiff, PhD notcalm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 11 15:25:55 PDT 2016

I Have often had problems with small flying insects entering my car in the evening or after sunset when near water and near the birds I have observed. They are attracted to the interior lights. Sometimes up to a hundred enter in one to two minutes and I have tried many things to prevent having to watch them fluttering against the interior surface of my windshield on the drive home from Eastern WA and other locations. Last week there was a collection of about 150 noseeums, caddisfly, mayfly and moths-including one very large one.
I have tried swatting them, herding them to an open window, and everything else With little success.
I recently had an idea that worked well.
It takes a few minutes and is interesting to watch.
While sitting in your car with only the driver's side window open and all exterior and interior lights off, turn your cell phone screen on and hold it about a foot outside your window with the lit screen facing the interior of the car.
No need to use the flashlight app, but that will also work.
The insects will slowly flutter toward the light and outside of the car.
It is actually interesting to watch them fly out.
Watching them Reminded me of the story of the pied piper. More like a Pied-lighter.
Let me know if it works for you.
Dan Reiff
Mercer Island
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