[Tweeters] Laughter and a Dream

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Jun 11 05:59:09 PDT 2016

The past few day's have been interesting for me in Port Townsend, but a bit strange.

You see, I've been having a wee bit of trouble sleeping lately, and had about 3 nearly sleepless night in a row, so have been sort of out of it, yet was able to see and hear some cool things.
For one thing, I heard laughter ! It wasn't mine, believe me, because sleep deprivation is no fun ( I've read it's actually used as a torture technique by people who do that sort of thing to their fellow humans). No, I heard the laughter of the Heermann's Gull, which I first noted out at Point Wilson (here in PT) on June 9, and more out on the small cobble spit at Point Hudson, where there were about 10 of 'em mixed up with lot's of other gulls. These are the first I've seen this year - back in the Northwest for their annual summer vacation here -after breeding in Western Mexico.Sort of an interesting seasonal dispersion pattern.
So I heard the Heermann's laughing. Now I don't know for sure if they really are laughing but it's sounds like it to me. In fact last year I decided to rename them (not AOU approved) the Mexican Laughing Gull. So , while not actually laughing myself, hearing them did bring a smile to my face. Plus, they're good looking .
So that all was neato, having the Mexican Laughing Gulls back. I did also manage to have a vivid bird dream one night during the few hour's of sleep I did get. It was kind of fun.
In my dream I was down at a place very much like the pier at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center (the dream version anyhoo), when this big owl flew up of out of nowhere, and landed on the deck rail of the pier, right in front of us. The owl was very interesting. About the size of a Great Horned Owl ,there was something a bit off about it. The guy standing next to me read my mind right away and helpfully pointed out,"Oh no, that's the Short-eyed Owl".
Indeed there was something strange about it eye's: rather than the sharp eyes of your typical raptor, it's eyes (quite large really ) seemed to be somewhat "soft". I then realized that the bird was not so much Short-eyed as nearsighted- which made sense, since it was staring at me from only about two feet away from the nearby pier rail.
Indeed everything about the bird seemed soft ; it's sorta lightly tan plumage gently mottled with small white spots all over , and kind of soft rounded ear tufts (unlike the sharper ones of a Great-horned). It was definitely a life bird for me, which wasn't too important at the time. Then I woke up. End of story.
After resorting to exercise, herbal remedies, etc, none which were working, I decided yesterday it was time for hard drugs so I got some sleeping pills at the store and took a couple - they did work (no bird dreams though) yet I woke up at 4am to write this tweeters post. Now I'm gonna get some more sleep - it's still morning.
Jeff Gibsonwriting under the influence of Tylenol PMPort Townsend Wa

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