[Tweeters] Re: Peregrine feeding post fledging ?

Kim McCormick kim.mccormick at comcast.net
Fri Jun 10 23:10:37 PDT 2016

Hi Barb (and Tweets).

I also apologize for the late response to your queries. My attempts to
follow young Merlins from fledging to dispersal are in agreement with the
BNA account relayed by Martin (dependent on adults for up to 4 weeks).
Sometimes it takes some searching, as the juvies may move several blocks
away from the nest site, but they can still be found hanging out together
and being fed by an adult. These feedings seem to decrease in frequency
over time. I've noticed that mid-air prey transfers and/or prey drops tend
to be from the adult male to juvenile females. This may be because the
juvenile females are larger than "dad," and can be very aggressive when
hungry. The adult male is usually in and out of there pretty fast.

Kim McCormick

NE Seattle

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