[Tweeters] Umtanum Creek - Better Today

Wally Davis wallydavis3 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 19:04:55 PDT 2016

Last week I reported on a trip to Umtanum Creek during which all I saw was 2
northern harriers. My wife and I stopped by again today on the way home
from the Tri-cities. Took a hike around noon with much cooler conditions
than last week - 70 degrees, overcast skies, and a light breeze. 11 species
and probably only 20 - 25 total birds.

Gray flycatcher (1)

Lazuli bunting (2)

Robin (1)

Eastern kingbird (1)

Yellow breasted chat (several)

Vulture (1)

Crow (several)

Harrier (1)

American Goldfinch (2)

Flicker (1)

Red-tailed hawk (2)

Ran into a group of 3 tweeters just as I was leaving. Hope to see their

Wally Davis


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