[Tweeters] Peregrine feeding post fledging ?

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Tue Jun 7 18:06:31 PDT 2016

Great story, Rob and in line with behavior I just read in a Birds of NA monograph from 2002. I am now wondering if urban Peregrine juvs and their parents do the same things as you witnessed and all or any of the following. Pursuit of the adults is said to start within 10-days of fledging. The article continues: "As the young become more and more aggressive toward food-delivering parents, adults sometimes begin to drop both dead and live birds in the air. Young pursue and catch these items. Has been interpreted as parental training of young to hunt, but may simply be way for parent to avoid being mobbed by hungry young (Sherrod 1983)."
Still wonder if these behaviors are noticed or recorded in urban populations...

Barb Deihl
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On Jun 7, 2016, at 5:35 PM, Rob Sandelin wrote:

> A few years ago when I had a younger mans body I was backpacking out on the

> coast south of Sand Point. I had to lay over a couple of hours for the tide

> so I lay out in the sun. Above me I heard the sound of a whining Juv

> Peregrine and sure enough way above me were two falcons circling. One was

> well above the other which was doing the whining. The upper one looked odd

> so I got out my bins and just as I focused on the circling bird it dropped

> something about the size of a robin. The bird below, the juv., swiped at the

> falling object but did not catch it, it just bumped it. The falcon then

> headed straight down, pumping its wings for extra speed.


> Just as the falling object got to about the tree top level the young falcon

> caught up to it, grabbed it in its talons and then fully spread its tail and

> wings to pull out of the dive. It just managed to do this before it hit the

> water and as the bird pumped its wings and headed to the trees to eat its

> prize the youngster gave a loud call which I can only describe as

> triumphant.


> Rob Sandelin

> Laying around on beaches in wild places

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