[Tweeters] Crossbill type Cottonwood?!

Mike & MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Tue Jun 7 12:52:27 PDT 2016

Hello all,

On our regular Bennington Lake walk this morning at the end of the
cement spillway north up the canal were 4 Red Crossbills feeding in a
single old cottonwood tree. We watched them for 15 minutes as they
foraged in the leafy ends of the tree. One male and 3 females - chased
to a nearby cottonwood by the territorial Bullock's Oriole. They only
called a couple times. Maybe eating buds with insects?

So what type are these crossbills?

All the regulars were out this morning - Chat, Orioles, Catbirds,
Lazulis - House Wrens and Downy Woodpeckers feeding almost fledged
young, Yellow Warblers flitting everywhere! Also had a couple Wilson's
and one MacGillivray's Warbler.

From HOT Walla Walla, MerryLynn

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
Birding the Beautiful Walla Walla Valley
"If you haven't gone birding, you haven't lived"

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