[Tweeters] Bushtit update (+eastcoast RBGR save) / Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Mon Jun 6 11:44:39 PDT 2016

Hello again, Tweeters,

Just was standing outside (11:15 or so) and watched one Bushtit enter the "nest in the cage" and decided to stand there awhile to see how long it was in there (not seeing the eyes, I couldn't tell which gender it was).

Well, after a good 10 minutes, I gave up and came inside to tell you about it. This must be a second brood. I waited a good ten minutes with no exit. Would they sit on hatchlings that long? I would think they would be coming and going with food.

So, they must like their enclosed "gated community" (as Dianna Moore called it). I just hope I'll be able to see the family flitting around soon.

Also, my sister told me they took a downed Red Breasted Grosbeak to animal shelter in CT (they do live in CT). It had apparently had a head injury. She saw the female come to where it landed. They thought it could be a lengthy recovery. I recall that there was someone who had one in their garden locally. They've also been having a Baltimore Oriole.

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