[Tweeters] Preliminary Alaska Report

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Sun Jun 5 23:23:11 PDT 2016

Barely a chance to connect to internet so with 1.5 days left here is a brief preliminary report from trip to Adak and Nome areas with John Puschock and Zugunruhe Birding.
Incredible birds and places.  Midnight sun is crazy.  Weather has been great and horrible...lots of wind but not too cold except wind chill.  Lots of interesting people as well.
Here are some of the "best" birds..most with photos..some quite good, some less so:Whiskered, Least, Parakeet and Crested Auklets; Horned and Tufted Puffins; Red and Red Necked Phalaropes; Laysan, Black Footed and Short Tailed Albatrosses; Rock and Willow Ptarmigan; Eastern Yellow and White Wagtails; Hawfinch; Common and Wilson's Snipe; Arctic Warbler; Wheatear; Bluethroat; Gray Cheeked Thrush; Spectacled and Common Eider; Common, Red Throated, Pacific and Yellow Billed Loon; Bar Tailed Godwit; Red and Black Legged Kittiwakes; Far Eastern Curew; Arctic and Aleutian Terns; Glaucous Gull; and Marbled, Ancient and Kittzlitz's Murrelets.
Really awesome birds.  John definitely knows his stuff.  Also have seen Caribou, Reindeer and Musk Ox.  I will share a full report and/or blog entries when I get back.  My first real birding trip to Alaska.  Hope to return.
As an aside I have also met the current ABA Big You record holder and two in pursuit who may well set new records this year.

Blair Bernson

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