[Tweeters] Stanwood STP Black Phoebe

Steve Pink pirangas at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 2 15:36:32 PDT 2016

Ann Marie, Connie and I looked for the Black Phoebe this morning. Eventually we saw the bird on a large pipe - as shown in the photograph by Steve Giles (ebird) on Saturday. The bird was feeding low along the vegetated banks of the main pond close to the pipe. The pipe is not far from the concrete circular mixers where Josh found the bird yesterday. However the pipe cannot easily be seen from the bank unless you stand right by the large light pole located near the concrete structures, however this might be too close and spook the bird. The pipe and the area can be more easily viewed by walking east c200 yards and looking back (south-west) to the pipe. This is where we were able to view the bird.
Also present in the main pond was a male Redhead, Horned Grebe and many Blue-winged Teals.
Thanks to Steve Giles for finding the bird.
Cheers, Steve

Steve Pink
Edmonds, WA
mailto: pirangas at hotmail.com

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