[Tweeters] Slightly off topic re Rubber Boa Snake (Randy)

randy collins rancol23 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 13:04:20 PDT 2016

I shuddered when I read the first sentence of your post  ( "While replacing a window constantly hit by birds on the south side of my house..." )
I hope that you applied some stickers to your window or took similar deterrent measures to protect the birds. You can buy them online or I believe at the Audubon Nature Store.
Some ideas: 15 products that prevent window strikes - BirdWatching




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15 products that prevent window strikes - BirdWatching
Screens, films, decals, and other easy-to-use products that will prevent birds from hitting the windows of your ... | |



Regards, Randy

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Fun find.  Rubber Boas are more common in western WA than most people
think, and can be easily found if a few hours of searching is done.

The primary prey items for this species are "pinky" mice and voles.
They invade the nest of mice to find the baby rodents, and fend off
the defending mother with their blunt tail which the mother attacks as
if it were the snake's head. Rubber Boas are not fast enough to catch
adult birds, but might take nestlings from a nest on the ground.


Scott Ray

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Subject: [Tweeters] Slightly off topic re Rubber Boa Snake

While replacing a window constantly hit by birds on the south side of
my house (the place from which to watch mountain quail) we found a
tiny tan rubber boa snake Saturday afternoon.  It was about 8-9 inches
long so probably one of last year's kids.  It was in a flower bed just
under the window.  Why birds foraging there haven't eaten it and why
it was there in the first place are unknown.

My question is, how common are rubber boas in western WA and how
common is it to see one?  My reptile book said it is pretty uncommon
to find them as they usually hang out under rotting logs or are
alongside streams or lakes.  Nearest body of water here is about 700
feet west downslope at the Tahuya River.  Being chilly the little
guy/gal allowed me to hold and measure it and get a couple photos of
it in my gloved hand.  It was the tan (earthworm color almost) version
of the rubber boa.

Made my day getting a new reptile species for the yard.

Mary Hrudkaj


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