[Tweeters] WOS conference registration problems

Megan Lyden meganlyden at msn.com
Mon Feb 29 18:56:27 PST 2016

Hi Tweeters,

Thanks to those who wrote to me with suggestions and also to Amy Powell for
trying to help me sort this out.

When I noticed that the links on the WOS page weren't opening with Internet
Explorer, someone suggested I install another browser. I installed Google
Chrome, and for some reason it interfered with the "mailto:" handler. I
also added WOS's email to my "safe" list (for the second time), so hopefully
things will work.

I still think it would be a great idea for the WOS board to have someone who
can field phone calls if something goes amiss during the opening hours of
registration, and some sort of plan to get anyone registered who runs into
an on-line snag. I'm obviously jinxed when it comes to registering for WOS
conferences....one year it wouldn't accept my credit card and by the time
that got sorted out, every trip I wanted was full. Another year it signed
me up for 2 of every field trip I registered for, which was not so much of a
problem for me, but it closed a lot of field trips early. Things happen!

It would be a real shame if someone couldn't register because they run into
some sort of on-line snag. I am asking the WOS board to have some sort of
back-up plan where you can reach someone by phone and they can help with
registration, even registering someone manually if necessary. They did this
for me at the Rio Grande Valley Festival when some on-line glitch happened
and it wouldn't let me register for 2 people, even though you were supposed
to be able to do that. There have been problems in the past with the WOS
registration, and whether a problem is on the WOS end, or on the end of the
person registering, it would be a shame if someone is shut out of the
conference because they simply couldn't get the registration to work and
couldn't reach anyone.

I'd urge everyone to try the Preview to make sure it works and make sure you
receive the confirmation email.

Thanks for letting me put this out there,

Megan L

Bellevue, WA

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