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Hello everyone.
If my email or Fanter Lanes email was not clear.
The Rustic Bunting was on private property and is NOT accessible.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.


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> Hello All,

> I wanted to let everyone know that if the Rustic Bunting would have been more accessible to the public we would have let the birding community know about this bird as soon as Noah found and identified it. Noah found the bird on private property and a good distance from a public rd, so the original location of the bird is not accessible to people chasing the bird, and trying to re-find it. Like Noah also said the bird flew when we where watching it, a long distance away by itself (not with the junco flock) and we could not relocate it after another hour of searching.


> Wish it was in an area accessible to the public but the landowners do not want a lot of people coming to their house looking for the bird.

> I think this is a great opportunity to inspire everyone to keep looking and being aware that rare birds like this can pop up anywhere!


> Good birding,

> Fanter Lane

> Acme WA

> fanterlane at gmail.com


>> On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 5:59 AM, Tom Mansfield <birds at t-mansfield.com> wrote:

>> Nice find Noah - too bad word couldn't have gotten out on Saturday so others could have looked on Sunday but perhaps this was on private property? At least Fanter, Ken and Casey got to see it. Tom Mansfield in Seattle.


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>> Yesterday at about 10:30am I found this beautiful RUSTIC BUNTING in Acme. It was with a group of About 20 Dark-eyed Juncos for about two hours.

>> After I found and photographed the bird Ken and Fanter Lane along with Casey Mchugh came and we got more incredible views of the bird, before we watched it fly down the railway tracks and head south. We were alum able to relocate the bird.

>> Today I searched for the bird for an hour or so but was not successful.


>> Happy Birding


>> Noah Sanday

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