[Tweeters] Call for Flickr account permission

Amy Powell schillingera at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 28 16:59:32 PST 2016

Hi to all photogs out there!

The new website has a feature that allows WOS to stream photos directly from
individual Flickr accounts. There are several people that have given WOS
permission to use their photos for the website and newsletters.

The way it works is this: I select photos directly from your Flickr account
and make them a favorite. They will stream randomly on the website and if a
user clicks on the photo it will take them to your Flickr page. I try to
change the photos each time a newsletter is published to keep things fresh.

In full disclosure, only information that the photographer puts on their
photos will show up on the WOS webpage. I cannot edit any information on a
photographers photo.

I am asking any birders out there to please send me a link to your Flickr
page if you would allow WOS to use your photos on the WOS website. At this
time Flickr is the only site that I can use to add photos to the home page
so please do not send me links to other sites such as SmugMug, etc.


Amy Powell

WOS Webmaster

Renton, WA

schillingera at Hotmail.com

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