[Tweeters] Black-legged Kittiwake at Kalama

Russ Koppendrayer russkope at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 11:52:47 PST 2016

Hi Tweeters,

At 10:30 this morning (2/27/16) I stopped at the Kalama Marina to check the
gulls roosting on the log booms at the entrance by the boat launch. Naked
eye I saw a gull laying down apart from the rest, so I scoped this first. I
was amazed to see the bird was standing on short black legs and preening.
Cowlitz County's first record of BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE. After 10 minutes a
Bald Eagle flew over and all the gulls flew with only about 75% returning.
The Kittiwake was not one of them, but went south over the river and out of
sight. It may be worth checking this spot as well as the sand bar at the
end of Sportsmen Club Rd in case it stays in the area. There seems to be
some remnant of the smelt run as we have more gulls than usual around, but
nothing compared to two weeks ago.

Also of interest this morning was a RED-NECKED GREBE in a scaup raft at
Sportsmen Club Rd, presumably the same individual first reported at the
marina two weeks ago.

Russ Koppendrayer
Longview, WA
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