[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 26 February 2016

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Feb 26 17:24:15 PST 2016

What a wonderful Spring morning! Oh, wait, its just February. But, there were certainly many folk outside who didn’t seem to mind. Even the off-leash dog walkers were mostly pleasant. And, the birds were pretty perky too. Lots of singing, from all quarters. Mostly the regulars but there were a few notables.

Snow Goose - 1 bird flying into the park with a small flock of Canadas
American Wigeon numbers were way down compared with recent weeks while Green-winged Teal numbers continue high
Scaup, both species, continue in relatively low numbers (a couple dozen each) while Common Goldeneye were way up, in the 40s.
Grebes - the large flock of Westerns out in the middle of the lake continues, though there were many more spread out everywhere; a couple of Horned and Red-necked also present
Cooper’s Hawk - 2 juvenile birds, one hunting in the wetlands:
Virginia Rail - a couple in the wetlands, a male giving its kiddick call
American Coot - one flock of 150 birds near the swim platform, another of over 300 birds by the sail lagoon boat launch
Gulls - large flock of Mews continue (over 130 birds) and a Herring Gull joined the regulars on the swim platform
Barn Owl - East meadow
Anna’s Hummingbird - with the help of Jan Bragg, was able to locate 5 birds incubating nests, one putting the finishing touches on her nest, plus 3 males
Pileated Woodpecker - calling from Windermere
Hutton’s Vireo - the pair continue on Promontory Point
Tree Swallow - two at the gourds at the south end
Violet-green Swallow - a few noisy birds flying high over the wetlands
Yellow-rumped Warbler - a few of both Audubon’s and Myrtle

For the day, 61 species; with SNGO, TRSW and VGSW new, 79 species on the year.
Scott Ramos

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