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Bald Eagles do carry off modest sized fish, up to a few pounds. They also take ducks and geese but I think they generally eat them where they kill them. So, they could easily kill the dog but might not want to fly off with it.

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Double bluff park on Whidbey Island is an off leash dog area. Today I watched an elderly lady with a wiener dog. The little dog was about 10 feet from the lady. An eagle came up from behind her and then dropped about 10 feet with its talons out. Whoa, I thought I was in for a amazing show but the eagle broke it off. The lady was none the wiser, I don’t think she even saw the eagle as it passed over head and down the beach.

How big a prey would an eagle take? Would it actually take something the size of a wiener dog?

If they would I wonder if a sign warning people with little dogs might be appropriate?

Rob Sandelin

Kind of disappointed

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