[Tweeters] Eagle triangle at Double-bluff park

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 17:18:04 PST 2016

Sunny and warm on Feb 24th. Took a stroll down Double-bluff park on Whidbey
Island. I had forgotten how quiet this place is. An eagle flew south down
the beach towards me, a second bird appeared from over the bluff and they
circled right over head of me, both calling. They circled 7 times and the
trailing bird tried to get above the leading bird without success. A third
eagle came from over the bluff it was calling also, only its call was subtly
different. The trailing bird broke off, the new comer chased after it a bit
then doubled back and followed the leading bird. They then circled twice
while calling then drifted out of view over the bluff.

Hmmm. My interpretation is that a unattached bachelor tried to pick up an
already mated bird. The birds mate told him to shove off and the two mated
birds continued their business.

Rob Sandelin

Nice day for napping in the sand and sun

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