[Tweeters] RBA: Portland, OR 2-25-16

Harry Nehls hnehls6 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 24 23:51:36 PST 2016

* Oregon
* Portland
* February 25, 2016
* ORPO1602.25

- birds mentioned

Trumpeter Swan
Greater Scaup
Surf Scoter
Barrow¹s Goldeneye
Sandhill Crane
Mew Gull
Rufous Hummingbird
Tree Swallow
Violet-green Swallow
Barn Swallow
American Pipit
Lapland Longspur

- transcript

hotline: Portland Oregon Audubon RBA (weekly)
number: 503-292-6855
To report: Harry Nehls 503-233-3976 <hnehls6 at comcast.net>
compiler: Harry Nehls
coverage: entire state

Hello, this is the Audubon Society of Portland Rare Bird Report. This report
was made Thursday January 25. If you have anything to add call Harry Nehls
at 503-233-3976.

Migrant flocks of SANDHILL CRANES were reported during the week over the
Willamette Valley and on Sauvie Island. RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS were reported
along the coast reaching Seaside by February 23. One was in Eugene that day.
Swallow movements brought 200 TREE SWALLOWS to Ridgefield NWR February 17.
On February 21 over 250 TREE, 2 VIOLET-GREEN, and one BARN SWALLOW were at
Steigerwald NWR.

An apparent Herring run into Coos Bay February 21 attracted many birds
including 1500 MEW GULLS, 1500 SURF SCOTERS, 200 GREATER SCAUP, and 250

Up to eight TRUMPETER SWANS were reported February 20 on Sauvie Island.
Eight were at Ridgefield NWR two days later. On February 20 three LAPLAND
LONGSPURS were among 210 PIPITS at the Philomath Sewage Ponds. A female
BARROW¹ GOLDENEYE was on the Monmouth Sewage Ponds February 24.

That¹s it for this week.

- end transcript

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