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Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
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Hi Sammy,

You would not have a Gilded Flicker here - they are mainly native to the
Southwest. I've seen them in Arizona - or northern Mexico. They do look a
lot like intergrades, which is almost surely what you are seeing. There are
quite a few red-shafted x yellow-shafted flickers around of various degrees
of intergrading, plus a few pure yellow-shafted on occasion.

Hope that helps!

Teresa Michelsen

North Bend

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Hiya all,

I've been out of the 'ornithology world' for a few years and never was into
the subspecies and variants so much. Still not.. however.. I'm always
perplexed at the Flickers. Like so many species, I have many variants.
I was looking at the Gilded vs Yellow.. however the Yellow might be mixed
with more popular Northern Flicker as a variant.. heck I'm lost. If I'm
confusing you.. you should be in my mind.

So, I have photos.. of one of my frequent visitors. Must be an immature
Northern Flicker that's yellow.. ? Looks like the books Gilded. Are Gilded
really that popular here? Or are they really just mixed ..as this one I'm
pretty sure breeds with the Northern.

Full res shots if you want to look or help with the understanding of this.

THX in advance,



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