[Tweeters] Western tanager in Camas

Rich ryoung2107 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 20 17:32:16 PST 2016


So I'm 99% sure that I had a western tanager singing today while I was walking along the Washougal River Greenway Trail around noon. It was on the south side of the river, in the trees on the right side of the path leading away from the foot bridge. I never was able to locate it, hence my 1% of doubt. But I listened to it singing for 2-3 minutes, and I even checked the song on my phone app. It was exactly the same. I know it's early for this species, but it wouldn't be the only early arrival this year (I just got back from Steigerwald Lake NWR and there are dozens to hundreds of tree swallows flying around--another early bird ;-) Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is reporting WETA in the area yet? I checked eBird and there are no reports in the past 30 days.

Aside from the tree swallows at Steigerwald, also saw a merlin, kestrel, red-tailed, northern harrier, bunches of GBHE. green-winged and cinnamon teal, ring-necked, bufflehead, hooded and common merganser, northern shoveler, mallard, gadwall, northern flicker, yellow-rumped warbler, and we were treated to the bald eagle pair sharing a duck meal followed by a bit of mating. Quite the enjoyable afternoon!

Happy birding!

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