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matt at mjoras.com matt at mjoras.com
Thu Feb 18 17:52:50 PST 2016

Subadult bald eagles can look something like that, especially in their
3rd year, e.g.:



Though it's not really as distinct a "band" as it is with subadult
golden eagles.


On 2016-02-18 14:07, Tom and Carol Stoner wrote:

> At 1:45 pm Thursday I got a brief look at a large, distant bird soaring south along Puget Sound just north of Lincoln Park. My first thought was that it was a juvenile Bald Eagle, but when I looked at it with binoculars, the most distinctive field mark I could spot was a light tail ending with a distinct dark band. I looked but couldn't find a Bald Eagle image with that tail pattern. A 2nd year Golden Eagle seems to fit what I saw, but that sure would be unlikely.


> Could it be an immature Bald?


> I would love to hear if anyone else sees this bird.


> Carol Stoner

> Gatewood Hill, West Seattle


> tcstonefam @ g mail dotcom


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