[Tweeters] Seeking advice on seeking some specific owl species

Emily Birchman stollea at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 07:39:40 PST 2016

Hi all,

My husband and I were trying to arrange a guided owling trip for my
birthday (which was last month) but unfortunately he tried to find
something and all the easily accessible King County area trips were full
(through Audubon, primarily).

The species I most want to see is a Northern Pygmy Owl, and I wondered if
it's even reasonably possible (other than by pure, rare luck) to see one of
those in King/Snohomish counties (or nearby)?

I'd also love to see a great gray owl, but my impression is that we'd have
to either go to Okanogan or the Blue Mountains to see one of those, and
even with a guide it might be impossible.

I'm wondering if there is anywhere reliable to see Northern Pygmy Owls
besides going to the Okanogan area? It's so far away that it's difficult
for us to do without having a long weekend, and having to pay for lodging
which we'd rather not do at this point. I'm also interested in reliable,
not too far away places to spot a Northern Saw Whet. :)

Any advice you have would be great! We might have an easier time going to
the Blue Mountains to chase a great gray than going to Okanogan for that,
since we have friends in Walla Walla we could stay with, which would cut
down on the cost - so if there's a great place in the Blue Mtns to spot
them, I'd appreciate that info too.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.

Emily Birchman, Kenmore WA
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