[Tweeters] Return of the Failed Camera Strap Story

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 18:06:08 PST 2016

Many of you who contacted me recognized the camera strap as a BlackRapid. The failure was where the carabiner swivel arm attaches through a metal ring on the nylon strap. Apparently this is not an unknown failure in a BlackRapid strap. While out birding in Edmonds this afternoon, I met a visiting birder from New York. We birded together for a while and I told him my story. He showed me his BlackRapid camera strap with a safety tether that he made from an Op-Tech thinner strap. He nodded his head about the swivel arm separating, suggesting it is a known defect. So all of you who stated your intentions to fashion a safety tether to your BlackRapid strap, please do so! It will be the only thing that will save your camera if the swivel arm detaches from your strap ring. I have received the bad news that my lens is not repairable. The good news is that the repair shop has a used, but in mint condition, identical lens. The price is very good. Nonetheless, the damage to my equipment is extraordinary for a strap that is so expensive in the first place. I am going to strongly recommend to the company that it supply a safety tether with its straps. In the meantime, make your own to protect your equipment.

Carol Riddell

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