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Al in Tacoma
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Hi Dave and other chasers,

The unusual robin was seen and photographed pretty early this morning by a number of folks, and although it has the 'eyebrow' it does not fit the other differentiating marks on the bird I saw. The big lesson learned here - which I should have learned back when I was doing really serious bird photography - is to always have a camera, even on casual birding outings and regardless of wet weather. I've been fortunate over the years to photograph some pretty rare birds on the wet side of the mountains but sold my pro gear a few years ago and on this outing didn't even have the SX-50. For those folks newer to Tweeters since I haven't posted for some time, you might want to check out my photo website - www.johntubbsphoto.com - and click on the birds and critters gallery. As some examples, the sparrow folder contains TWO Brewer's Sparrows on this side of the mountain. The first was at my old workplace along Willows Road in Redmond, and one of those photos is in Gene Hunn's newest Birding in Seattle and King County book. Amazingly, we also had a Brewer's Sparrow show up a year or so later in our backyard in Snoqualmie - photos of that bird are there as well. At the Snoqualmie house, we also had and photographed an American Tree Sparrow in the yard, and also had and got passable photos of a Northern Goshawk that showed up on a snag tree near our house - those images are in the Raptors folder on the website. Perhaps my all-time favorite photo from Snoqualmie is in the Owls folder - it is of a Northern Pygmy Owl holding a recently-caught House Sparrow. It was sitting in a tree 15 feet from our kitchen nook window.

Anyway, my kingdom (such as it is) for a photo in this case...! Coulda, shudda, wudda.

I'm still planning on going back and looking again, if not tomorrow then Monday.

John Tubbs

Lacey, WA


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Subject: [Tweeters] Robin or Eyebrowed Thrush

I’ve added another photo that Sherry took of this bird. After reading more descriptions about the Eyebrowed Thrush, I starting to second guess our ID. It’s not a bird that we are familiar with, and this bird we photographed is a strange plumage for a Robin. But then again, common birds can have some interesting plumages.


Dave Hayden
dtvhm @ nwrain.com
Centralia, WA

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