[Tweeters] Tufted Duck Pacific County

bill shelmerdine georn1 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 13 15:36:23 PST 2016

Greetings Tweeters,
This afternoon at about 14:00 we came across a male Tufted Duck along Smith Anderson Road in/near North Cove. The bird was alone in the small slough just downstream of the road crossing. The bird had bright white sides with black back and breast. The head was dark with purple to green sheen depending on the light, yellow eye, and long thin tuft/pony tail down the back of the head. Bill was mainly blue with black tip and a pale white band separating the black tip from the rest of the bill. The bird was present at least from 2:00 to 2:20. Weather was very stormy with wind and steady rain and basically unsuitable for digiscoping so no photos.
Cheers and good birding
Bill Shelmerdine
Hanging out in Westport

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