[Tweeters] Enumclaw Gyrfalcon - Yes*, and a big milestone

Pamela Myers pamelapiwo6813 at aol.com
Thu Feb 11 17:17:13 PST 2016

A big congratulations to Michael! That's a great milestone! Alas, I was one of those watching the snag for a long time earlier in the morning, but gave up too soon. Perseverance and patience paid off, and once again I have to remind myself of that! Good going, Michael!

Pam Myers

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Tweets – after Marymoor, I went down to look for the Enumclaw GYRFALCON. On my second crack at the snags at the corner of SE 436th St. & 244th Ave SE, at about 1:15, I found it as promised. However, it didn’t stay long, (less than a minute), and we were unable to refind it. I thought I found it flying north several miles away, up near SR-169 and 400th St., but I found a Peregrine there when I tried to confirm.

It appears that it is certainly NOT a gimme in those snags, as people were apparently searching/watching those snags most of the morning.

Personally, this Gyr was a big milestone for me, being my 300th life species for King County.

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