[Tweeters] heading up to Eide tomorrow: good owl sighting location?

Rich ryoung2107 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 11 11:10:08 PST 2016

Hi Josh:
Last year (in February) my wife and I had great luck viewing short-eared owls from the "West 90" on Samish Island Road. We even witnessed a couple of aerial battles between the owls and some northern harriers in the mid to late afternoon. You can get there by heading north from the town of Bay View on Bayview-Edison Road, then taking a left (heading west) on Samish Island Road. Go about a half a mile and at the 90-degree bend in the road (to the north), continue straight into a small, dirt parking lot that has (I believe) either a WA DFW or DNR sign. We viewed multiple owls from the parking lot along the dike and in the fields to the west. Also had some up close looks at a northern shrike, plus a very bold guinea fowl that was hanging about. We did notice some folks skirting the fence and walking west along the dike, but we did not do that. Even so, we were treated to quite a show. We only had binoculars, which worked fine, although we met a woman from Port Townsend who had a scope and let us take some looks.
Good luck and have fun!Rich Young

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Subject: [Tweeters] heading up to Eide tomorrow: good owl sighting location?

Hi tweets,
I'm on vacation! (Mid-winter break) I was thinking of kidnapping my wife up to Skagit county to do some birding tomorrow, and I was wondering where there might be some good spots for owl viewing -- I see people saying "Stanwood", but that doesn't narrow things down much! I don't want to irritate either owls or land-owners, so where's a good spot, or good spots, especially if one only has bins and no scope?
On-list or off, whatever seems appropriate. Thanks!
-Josh Hayes in beautiful overcast Licton Springscoralliophila at live dot com

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