[Tweeters] heading up to Eide tomorrow: good owl sighting location?

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 11 09:47:17 PST 2016

A friend went up to Eide Road Tuesday (2/9) and reported seeing no short-eared owls.  Three of us went up yesterday (Wed. 2/10) and met the same result.  One theory is that Wednesday's wind grounded the shorties.  Another theory is that the shorties are calling it an early winter and moving on.  
We did not see any shore birds at the ponds at the end of Eide Rd.  although two  female harriers put on a show.  
Reminder that Eide Rd. is a DFW site and a  DFW or  Discovery Pass (available at Fred Meyers) is required to park there.  

You might try the West 90, a DFW site south of Samish Island, where shorties have been seen in the past. 
There are lots of swans, snow geese, and eagles on Fir Island. 
Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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I'm on vacation! (Mid-winter break) I was thinking of kidnapping my wife up to Skagit county to do some birding tomorrow, and I was wondering where there might be some good spots for owl viewing -- I see people saying "Stanwood", but that doesn't narrow things down much! I don't want to irritate either owls or land-owners, so where's a good spot, or good spots, especially if one only has bins and no scope?
On-list or off, whatever seems appropriate. Thanks!
-Josh Hayes in beautiful overcast Licton Springscoralliophila at live dot com
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