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We enjoy the SE corner, with the Sky Islands. In no particular order, and most of these paces will have websites with more information:

1. SWRS. Southwest Research Station in the Chiricauas. Some hummers plus Trogons and lots of other animals. The station is outside of Portal, nice place to stay, 3 meals a day, and they have some guiding services plus lots of advice. An active research station with lots of interesting folks to talk to.

2. Ramsey Canyon. The Nature Conservancy has a preserve with guided hikes, active feeders (hummers). The Ramsey Canyon B&B, right outside the preserve, has great accommodations, food, and active feeders with hummers all over.

3. Carr Canyon has the Lucifer Hummer at one B&B.

4. Patagonia area. We stayed at Black Dove B&B and one must visit Paton's (now owned and operated by Tucson Audubon, I believe) for the Violet Crowned Hummer.

Basically, the whole of the area SE of Tucson has fantastic birding that can be really site specific, especially the hummers. We have seen, generally pretty up-close, about 15 species there on a spring trip. But, for some it is "this B&B" or that "B&B". The Lane guide to SE AZ is a great place to start. Also, a lot of the places are not all that far apart. We were in Patagonia and our B&B host told of of a backroad that got us into Madera Canyon for the Flame-colored Tanager and it was an hour or two easy drive. Check out the local birding hotlines and e-bird as there is always "something" going on.

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Hello all,

My wife and I would like to visit Arizona in late April or early May.

She would enjoy seeing many different species of hummingbirds and I like all bird species especially owls and other raptors.


1. Is this a good time of year to view birds in Arizona?

2. Recommendations on where in state to stay.

3. Specific palaces to stay at those locations.

4. I have not hired a guide before. If so, any recommendations?

Dan Reiff
Mercer Island

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