[Tweeters] RE: Northern Hawk Owl Incident

Tom Merritt birders.2341 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 9 16:36:55 PST 2016

Jon and the Tweeters Community,

I wish to thank you for following through on this. It is indeed sad that
the property owner elected to cut down the trees and demolish the building.
Also I'd like to thank those of you who have reinforced the importance of
good birding etiquette. Though the demolition may sound extreme, it can be
understood If one looks at the situation through the perspective of one who
might place a very high importance on privacy. Possibly the owner just
wanted to eliminate a situation that he considered might cause incursions on
his privacy, even though shooting the bird violated federal laws. He may
not have realized that he was in violation of federal law. Over the years,
I have realized that some people live in isolated environments to escape
their own personal demons of one sort or another. I am a Viet Nam veteran;
though I personally did not participate in active combat, I have followed
the issue of PTSD among Viet Nam vets fairly closely over the years. One of
the ways, some of them cope is to move to isolated environments, where they
have limited interaction with the public. The traffic and the photography
may have been too much. Though, I know no specifics in this case, I do
suggest that could be a possibility. This just makes observing proper
etiquette and following all guidelines that may be in place very important.

Tom Merritt

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