[Tweeters] mess of birds off Myrtle Edwards by the grain ship Monday night - ID help?

Mary Metz maryjmetz at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 13:13:44 PST 2016

Always helpful Tweeters,

I happened to bike by the grain (I think) elevator/ship at the north end of Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle around 5:40 last night when it was *just* getting dark enough to make it hard to distinguish the hundred or more birds in the water there. I'm pretty sure they weren't scoters (no white dots evident) and a few were definitely Barrow's goldeneyes. But most seemed like they were black and gray/blue with broad beaks. My guess is that they were lesser scaups but I'd appreciate it if any Tweeters could confirm that ID.

Mary Metz

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