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For anyone planning a Northeast Asia trip this year, or wanting to have favorable memories of one past, I just uploaded some photos from a visit last Sunday near Pusan, South Korea. Over the two-week trip (mostly Russia in fact) there was almost no time for birding, and the outside temperatures (to as low as -26 F in Vladivostok) provided strong incentive to stay inside anyway. Thankfully, temperatures in South Korea were around the 32-55 F. range and sunny over last weekend, which felt so warm I found myself coatless outside. Near the hotel, I actually saw a EUR. MAGPIE carrying nesting materials. Just hours from the return flight Sunday, I visited the Nakdong Estuary site on the way to the airport, and with perfect weather I nabbed some nice photos (and one video) of the following:

Tail-trembling DAURIAN REDSTART at point-blank range (video):


Very close on young BULL-HEADED SHRIKE:


One of 411 (E.) SPOT-BILLED DUCKS counted:


And even though a pair of JAPANESE (=E. GREAT) TITS provided a nice portrait-like

photo, my favorite of the regular five (chickadee) tit species remains the



(The full list of 72 species for the Nakdong site visit is at: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S27365927)

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