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Christy Nielsen svizzerams at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 18:51:44 PST 2016

That is really encouraging news! Thank you for the update, Jon. :-)

On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 10:21 AM, Jon Houghton <jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com>

> Hi Tweets - Some news to report on the Hawk Owl incident: First, I

> received the following update from Christy Nielson of Okanogan: ‘Yesterday

> (2/5) I drove up to Cassimer Bar Road and found that the home owner has

> razed the abandoned building and chopped down every tree in the vicinity

> where the owl was found, then set it all alight into a smoldering pile.’

> Today I spoke with the USFWS enforcement officer with whom I’d been

> communicating on the case, and he confirmed Christie’s report. He says that

> the joint investigation by several agencies (feds, tribe) has gone very

> well, and the case is now in the court system. (He said that they usually

> end up with a dead bird and no supporting evidence.) But for the bird

> getting hung up in the tree, we would all have thought - oh well, the just

> bird moved on. In this case, the autopsy and site investigations pretty

> much confirmed the sequence of events as documented by on-site observations

> of the birding community (special thanks to Sandy Schreven, Tom Mansfield,

> and Christy). I’m thinking that the actual punishment handed down by the

> courts won’t matter so much as the fact that the individual in question has

> been held accountable and the broader community is aware that there are

> consequences from this sort of behavior. But again - we need to be sure

> our behavior around private property does nothing to trigger this sort of

> reaction. Happy Birding - it’s spring!! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds




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