[Tweeters] Black-headed Gull dip and Green-winged Teal hybrid

Mary Saylor birder at pottersaylor.com
Mon Feb 8 08:48:33 PST 2016

I also tried yesterday with no luck. Watched the mew gull flock on Frohning Road but did not find the black-headed gull. Had to be happy with 7 bald eagles at that location and trumpeters and a Eurasian wigeon at the prison dairy pond. Did anyone see it yesterday?


> On Feb 7, 2016, at 7:47 PM, K Ingalls <kayliningalls at gmail.com> wrote:


> Hello Tweeters!

> I tried for the Black-headed Gull(s) today, with no luck. I was even unable to locate the Mew Gull flock, despite driving around the area extensively. Weird.

> After that unfortunate loss left us with some time that we were going to spend searching through the gull flock we elided to head to Juanita Bay, where we found the American x Eurasian Green-winged Teal. Not a lifer, not even a species, but still a really cool bird!


> Good birding!


> Kaylin Ingalls, still Black-headed less in Kirkland WA

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