[Tweeters] Black-headed Gull caution!

Andy Stepniewski steppie at nwinfo.net
Fri Feb 5 20:00:41 PST 2016


A group of Birders were observing the Black-headed Gull on Tualco Loop Rd. before heading off to the nearby Crescent Lake South parking area (WDFW) on Crescent Lake Rd. We birded this area of nice riparian and field habitat for awhile, enjoying lots of Trumpeter Swans and many sparrows, including good numbers of Lincoln's. On returning to the parking area, two of our three vehicles had been broken into, with significant car damage. This incident took place in full view of the fairly busy road. Our scope and luggage was stolen and others lost items.

So, just a warning the area may be revisited by the perpetrator if you're parked there. One in our group had noted an odd character lurking about the parking area, and acting strangely, so this may have been the bad guy.

Just a heads up. Well, this incident spoiled our plans for a trip in western WA, so we're back here at home in the Yakima Valley starting to put our things back together again.

Andy and Ellen Stepniewski
Wapato WA
steppie at nwinfo.net

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