[Tweeters] Crescent Lake gull today - yes, I guess

Birder1944 at aol.com Birder1944 at aol.com
Wed Feb 3 12:51:45 PST 2016

This morning, Wednesday, February 3, at about 11 AM, I found a gull in a
flock of maybe 200 Mew Gulls that I am presuming is the Black-headed Gull
that people have reported there. On the other hand, it didn't look just like
the gull in the eBird report I saw yesterday (link was posted here on
Tweeters). The black spot behind and below the eye seemed different, and it
also looks different from pictures I have found in field guides. The spot
looks more like a Bonaparte's Gull spot to me, but the bird was too big to be
a Bonaparte's Gull and the bill was definitely red with a darker tip.

Here is a link to a web page that has links to some pictures. I apologize
for the quality of the pictures; I only have a little super-zoom point and
shoot camera, but the pictures do serve to show what I mean, I think.


I'd appreciate any opinions as to whether this is the same gull that has
been reported there, as well as opinions as to the species.

Barry Brugman

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