[Tweeters] Drones and raptors

Bud Anderson falconresearch at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 13:01:00 PST 2016

OK, so nice little video and all and I am sure it is trending well.

However, drones and raptors are a really, really bad idea.

I should say that I fly rotor drones and I am a strong proponent of their
use. I really like them.

But all one needs to do is look at the scars running up the arms of my
pilot friends and hear about the ER visits when they messed up. Then you
realize that a raptor grabbing one of four to eight high torque carbon
fiber props spinning at very high rpms will have about the same effect as
putting your hand in a blender.

A raptor grabbing a drone risks losing its toes, feet or legs.

And unfortunately, these birds have no idea and no experience to deter them
from approaching or allowing an approach by a drone.

So fly your drones and have fun but please stay away from raptors,
especially during breeding season when several species (e.g. Ospreys) are
known to defensively attack any aerial interloper

No telling what ideas videos like this will engender out there....,

Bud Anderson
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