[Tweeters] Green Laser Pointer: Follow-up to Previous RFI

Georgia Conti antep12 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 22:12:24 PST 2016

Awhile ago I posted a request for information to get a replacement green
laser pointer, and several people asked me to share what I learned. (I
hope you all read this note....because I cannot find your private requests
to me.)

Based on recommendations I received, not just from TweeterLandia but from
serious birders and guides around the world, I ordered a laser pointer from
Dragon Lasers, a Chinese company based in Chang Chun, China. I admit to
having been a bit wary about doing an online purchase request with credit
card information and getting it to me in the USA. However, I am impressed
with their products, shipping, website security, and especially customer
service from the sales department. Let me explain.

I was a tad overwhelmed by the various options being promoted on their
website (www.dragonlasers.com) and unfortunately ordered a Spartan
model, even tho' the price was much higher than the price I paid for a
green laser pointer purchased from a Renton supplier years ago (and that
seemingly no longer exists). Also, the website said the Viper was no longer
available, thus limiting my options.

I live in Mexico and timed the arrival of the laser pointer for when I was
in Austin in November and, therefore, didn't have to deal with Mexican
customs with a mail order. Lo and behold, I didn't notice that it takes
batteries hard to get here in Mexico and I decided I didn't need the future
headache of finding batteries for it. Dragon Lasers' Adam (in sales) who
writes impeccable English helped me get the Spartan back to China and get a
Viper to Canada for someone to bring to me in an amazing short period of
time. I believe the price for the Spartan with shipping was around $225
USD and the price for the Viper was $70 USD. I was fully refunded for the
difference very quickly. And very reassuring to me, my credit card was not

Now I am not an expert with the specifications of laser pointers. All
those specifications are on their website. I use the laser sometimes in
bad light to sorta point out where a bird might be found, but I also use it
for studying stars and my dog Lucy loves to chase the light around the
patio. This Viper works perfectly for my use and reminds me a lot of my
previous green laser pointer. It is light weight (feels like a heavy
pen), fits in my birding vest, and uses AAA batteries.

Bottom line: I recommend this company and the Viper. If, by chance, the
website says it is not available, send a note to sales. Adam got me a
Viper. And don't be freaked out when the shipment arrives and the custom
form says it's a telescope part. That's how the packages arrive in such
short order.

I hope this feedback is helpful. If you want more details, send me a
private note at:

antep12 {at} gmail {dot} com. no spaces.

Georgia Conti
Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico
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