[Tweeters] No Calliope, but please read on

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Hi Sherry,
I did look at the bill to see if there was any curvature and did not see any but also know costa's can show a straight bill. In the end I am just not 100 % sure anymore. Wish it had stuck around.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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Was it a Costa's by change? More likely in winter than Calliope.

Sherry Hagen
Vancouver, WA

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Hello All,
This certainly stirred the pot and yes it should have. What I did see was a small hummer with a gorget flaring out beyond the sides of the neck. It had a small straight bill. I could not see color on gorget due to back lighting. I was pretty close looking through a window. No pictures as I was about to leave for Portland and while still at home, about 20 mins, I did not see it again. Randy Hill came over after I left and only saw Anna's.

Today I have sat all morning waiting camera in hand and only my usual few Anna's have shown up. I am seeing several posts about this and have received several comments about the fact one has never been seen in along the west coast in winter. Also the suggestion that my post may give birders the notion that a calliope could be expected in winter. For this I must apologize it was not my intent to do so and thank you to those who pointed it out. My original post was to get birders who have feeders to look. Since I had never seen this bird before my first thought is it could be moving through Now that said this would be unprecedented if documented properly and by that meaning with photo. Since I have yet to see this bird this morning and we know hummers will use and need feeders in winter I am sure I will not get a photo.

If anything changes you will certainly hear from me. Again sorry if I misled anyone into thinking calliope hummingbirds are seen in the winter in Washington.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA_______________________________________________
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