[Tweeters] Where are the Varied Thrushes?

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Hello Kristi, Gene, Mike,

On December 17 we had good numbers of Varied Thrush in the Fall City area, our part of the Eastside (of Lake Washington, WA) CBC, in the Cascade foothills. However, on December 26 in our area of the Rainier CBC (Kent-Auburn CBC) in and around Auburn, WA, extending to the Auburn-Enumclaw plateau, we had none. Tomorrow and Monday I'll do Skagit and then Vashon and will let you know if we find any.

Brien Meilleur

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Kristi et al.,

Interesting. All our CBC here in the California Bay Area have noted an extraordinary near absence of Varied Thrushes. It is apparently a widespread phenomenon. Don't know why.

Sharing the same experience in south Whidbey island. Saw one in my backyard several weeks, but no other observations .


Gene Hunn,

Petaluma, CA

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At today's CBC in Anacortes, our group members all agreed that there is a notable absence of Varied Thrushes this fall and winter. This is new in our 13 fall-winter seasons here. Any thoughts? I miss them!



Kristi Hein







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