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Mike is correct that Emperor Goose is listed as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN. However, the world population is estimated as 98,000 birds in 2015-- down somewhat from 139,000 in 1964, but nowhere near the criteria that would put it on Threatened or Endangered lists in the US.

The exact locations of recent sightings in the Dungeness Bay area, dating back to December 11, can easily be seen by checking eBird.

If iNaturalist is automatically suppressing exact locations of all sightings of species listed as "Near Threatened" or scarcer, in my opinion, this is ridiculous and unnecessary. I say this as a professional biologist with a strong background in conservation biology. This may be necessary or advisable for some species which are endangered or threatened, or at least breeding locations of such species. However, for a species as numerous as Emperor Goose, this policy is ludicrous. Fortunately, eBird has a more sensible policy on sightings of such species.

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This may be old news, but I could find a reference in the message archive...


The exact location is obscured automatically on I naturalist for threatened and near-threatened species, so I don't have exact location details, except to say that it seems to be hanging with BRANT and wigeon.

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