[Tweeters] PAWR communal roost

Dan McDougall-Treacy danmcdt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 22:31:54 PST 2016

This week I helped with the Sequim-Dungeness CBC. Judy Mullaly and I have
partnered up on the East Sequim Bay section for a few years now. Judy knows
a couple who live in a small house overlooking the bay and they invited us
to come sit with them on their porch after sunset to watch approximately 50
Pacific Wrens come to roost. They have an array of 6-7 ovoid "houses" made
of sisal or reeds under the eaves of their front porch. Indeed, as the
light waned, the tiny creatures came in. Quite tame. They literally fill up
each container. It certainly bumped our count of that species for the day.

Dan McDougall-Treacy

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Dan McDougall-Treacy
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