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Fri Dec 23 14:36:36 PST 2016

Congratulations, Blair. I think only someone with your dedication and good nature could have pulled this off!

Dennis Paulson

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> Unless some extraordinary new bird comes along, this will probably be my last blog entry for 2016. It looks back on the last 5 yeas all of which became without original intent some kind of Big Year in Washington. With the aid of a lot of great people/birders and with way too many hours spent on way too many miles, over those five years I have seen and usually also photographed many birds in our extraordinary state. Including 5 probable escapees - all told three have been 411 species seen and 396 photographed. Many have been very rare. Many have been very beautiful and with most there have been fun stories and adventures - usually shared with others. This blog post summarizes those five years and picks 30 special birds (and the bonus Slaty Backed Gull pictured here) to recount and represent the experiences over those 5 years. Thanks to all who have helped - it has been a blast!!


> Blair Bernson

> Happy Holidays


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> blairbirding.wordpress.com


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