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Keep in mind that boxes are used for roosting, not just nesting.
Woodpeckers have very specific nest characteristics in mind which involves
the orientation to wind and other weather, height above ground, etc. So,
unless you put the box directly where they are "conducting their
investigations" they may ignore the box.

Wilson's design sounds good too.



On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 8:06 AM, Tom and Carol Stoner <tcstonefam at gmail.com>

> Hi Tweets,


> After posting the question about how to deal with flickers tapping on

> houses, we decided to try both suggestions. We will put up a roosting site

> according to Wilson Cady's design, as well as a nest box nearby.

> Installing a nest box prompted an additional question: How to prevent

> starlings from taking over the box? The possible answer came from the

> folks at Wild Birds Unlimited in Burien. Nail popsicle sticks or tongue

> depressors over the opening to deter the starlings but allow the flickers

> to move in.


> Since I have seen both a male and female flicker at the suet, I think a

> nest is possible. We shall see.


> Carol Stoner

> West Seattle




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