[Tweeters] Mammal Big Year

sremse at comcast.net sremse at comcast.net
Fri Dec 23 08:12:16 PST 2016

Finis. 73 species overall; 57 in Washington- ( hoping for 60 but the weather and commitments closed in); 30 in Island County. I will send a list to anyone wishing one.

Biggest misses: Striped Skunk; Little Brown Myotis (bat); Yuma Myotis; Pacific Marten

Biggest Surprise: Common (short-beaked) Dolphin: a pod moved into the Salish sea this year for what might be a once-in-a-lifetime event. I saw 2 from the Coupeville ferry.

Most exciting sighting: being face to face with a Long-tailed Weasel that had made a kill seconds before!

1st- Douglas Squirrel in our yard 1/1. Last: Short-tailed Weasel along Thornton Lake Road (in 10" of snow) 12/22

Lifers: Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel, Red-tailed Chipmunk, Creeping Vole, Common Dolphin, Silver-haired Bat, Big Brown Bat, Townsend's Big-eared Bat

I hope some of you would give mammal spotting (mammaling doesn't sound right) a chance. Mammals are important to ecosystems and deserve our attention. I'd be happy to help get you started and to send ideas your way.
----Steve Ellis
(skunked with skunks)
Coupeville, Wa
sremse at comcast.net

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