[Tweeters] bridge camera question

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 22 09:02:52 PST 2016

Dear Tweeters,
After a frustrating attempt to photograph a rare Rock Sandpiper with my point-and-shoot camera yesterday, I am beginning to think I should get one of the so-called "bridge cameras." With my little Sony point-and-shoot, all I can get are what the late Ruth Sullivan would have described as "kräp!" I did not get any better results with the camera on my cell phone, either.
The article by Ted Floyd in the most recent issue of Birding takes the reader only so far.  The three articles for recommended reading are useful, but one is still left scratching one's head. Which one is good for birding? Should I try to find the now-discontinued Canon Powershot SX50 HS? Should I try the Leica, or the Nikon? Might there be some other good one out there?
I just want something I can stick in my birding vest and be ready to do the occasional ID shot. If I could hand-hold it against my scope for some bad-quality but recognizable telephotos, that is a plus. What would Tweeters recommend? I keep hearing that the new Canon SX60 is not so good for birding, but perhaps that negative impression stems solely from Lillian Stokes's bad review?
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch
PS Please accept my apologies for the error in yesterday's original message about the Rock Sandpiper--the ROSA was with Surfbirds and three Black Turnstones. Euphoria had disabled my editing skills!

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