[Tweeters] Flickers

Nancy sday13 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 20 13:18:18 PST 2016

It's interesting I read the digest and saw Wilson Cade's post about putting up 1/2 a log for the Flickers. My husband and I had a discussion about what a great idea to cater to the needs of the Flicker instead of figuring out a way (like a neighbor in my mobile home park a couple years ago) to chase them away. (We had several neighbors looking for solutions to chase them away).

Then I read Carol Stoner's inquiry.

I must say, I like the half log solution. Our former house was on property that had some dead trees in the forest. The Flickers seem to like hanging out in the dead wood so perhaps that's the answer.
Nancy Renton
sday13 @ comcast. net

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