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Jen McKeirnan j1975mck at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 10:28:13 PST 2016

Hello Tweets,

The National Audubon Society wrote an article about my project and website:


Also, since November 12th, I have added the following new species. At this
time, I have photographed 285 different bird species in WA State this year.

Cackling Goose
Tropical Kingbird
Greater White-fronted Goose
Ancient Murrelet
Greater Scaup
Long-tailed Duck
Pacific Loon
Common Goldeneye
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Black Scoter
Tundra Swan
Trumpeter Swan
American Tree Sparrow
Bohemian Waxwing
Ruffed Grouse
Long-eared Owl

If you are interested in supporting the Seattle Audubon by following my
project, you can pledge now and pay at the end of the year or early 2017.
My project to capture by photograph as many different species within WA
State will end on December 31st. The pledge can be any amount per bird
species. You can make your pledge by following the link on the home web


Jen McKeirnan

Washington Bird Year
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