[Tweeters] more Bohemian Waxwings, King County

Jeffrey Bryant jbryant_68 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 16:52:03 PST 2016

To add to the recent spate of BOWA sightings, I just picked at least one, more likely two, Bohemian Waxwings out of a flock of 40-50 Cedar Waxwings in Seattle’s Seward Park.

The flock was flycatching from atop a tall fir on the east side of the amphitheater clearing. There is a steady food supply nearby, in the form of a clump of fruit-laden madrones along the loop road just south of there (near the stage.) Feasting on the berries were an estimated 75 robins, several Varied Thrushes, and a pair of Band-tailed Pigeons. There have also been two Hermit Thrushes in that vicinity, but the excitement of BOWA made me forget to look for them…

Jeff Bryant
jbryant_68 AT yahoo

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