[Tweeters] Queen Anne raptor

Margaret Sandelin msand47 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 18 10:43:16 PST 2016

Last Wednesday I went to my car and my local crows were circling and
yelling at a Douglas fir in the rectifier station behind my house.
Since I was on my way to a class I did not have time to investigate and
could see nothing when I try looking. However, later as I came home up
4th Ave W, in a bare tree on the edge of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, there
was a raptor. So I parked and got out but unfortunately did not have my
field glasses and my eyes are not the greatest, nor am I an experienced
birder. It was neither large nor small, had a darker head and could not
see any bright white or colors on it. But then it took off and had long
pointed wings. Maybe a Merlin but I think more likely from the size that
it was a Peregrine Falcon and which ever, a first for me on Queen Anne.
Of course if my brother Rob had been there he would have been able to
positively ID it.
Margaret Sandelin

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